MUSICAM 2010, Jueves 21 de enero

Giovanni Giuriati de la Universidad de Roma “La Sapienza” presenta en el segundo encuentro del ciclo MUSICAM 2010 la conferencia "Musica e possessione nel sud-est asiatico: Cambogia e Bali" el jueves 21 de enero a las 18. 30 horas en el aula 14 de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.Giuriati presentará la pelicula:Odalan of Tanjung Bungka (Bali). Music and trance in a Balinese village 

(Pino Confessa, Vito Di Bernardi and Giovanni Giuriati)

Aquí la sinopsis en ingles: 

This documentary video presents the unfolding of an odalan, a calendarial ritual in contemporary Bali, in the attempt to focus on the complex and multifaceted relationship between the performing components of the ritual (music, but also dance and theatre) and the trance of several mediums gathered in a ‘Assembly of the Gods’. This odalan, that can be considered as representative of similar rituals that take place in other Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, constitutes an example of a peculiar Asiatic form of trance that differs in nature from the shamanistic séances of Central Asia and Nepal. This documentary video was realized within the project on ‘Sacred space, secular space’ coordinated by Romano Mastromattei with the intent to compare meanings and practices of rituals from different regions of Asia.

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