I am Mohammad Gaddafi, son of the killed Libyan leader
Muamar Gaddafi.
My family has been in Algeria until we were recently
granted political asylum in Oman.
For your personal consumption and information, my family
has a huge sum of money somewhere for investment for the
benefit of my family.
I am open to investment in any part of the world provided
the investments are lucrative and not directly linked to
my family and high returns guaranteed on investment.
You will be given freedom to invest in any aspect of
your countries economy.
Once I receive your email response and confirm that you
are capable of investing/managing the funds for us, I will
then give you information on how to access the funds
and how much it is.
You will be entitled to 30% for all your services.
Keep this proposal confidential, please reply me via my
private email for further discussion mohammedkhalid394@gmail.com


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